“Heinrich Band” International Bandoneon Competition – 2^ed. 2022

“Heinrich Band” International Bandoneon Competition – 2^ed. 2022

The competition is announced by the Anton Stadler Cultural Association and the Accademia Italiana del Bandoneón, with the contribution of the MIC Ministero della Cultura, Regione Autonoma della Sardegna-Assessorato Pubblica Istruzione, Beni Culturali, Informazione, Spettacolo e Sport, Comune di Iglesias-Assessorato Cultura, Sport e Spettacolo, Fondazione di Sardegna and in collaboration with the AR’TANGO-Bandoneon Project Association of Avignon.

Also very important is the partnership with the Bandonion4friends Association and the Bandonion & Concertina Fabrik of Klingental, which will offer a precious prize for the competitor who wins the 1st place.

The three finalists who will enter the final phase will perform, in a public concert, on 24 August 2022 on the occasion of the VIII edition of the International Bandoneon Masterclass realized in the context of the XIII ed. by ARTango & Jazz Festival.

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