ARTango & Jazz Festival



ARTango & Jazz is the first and only Festival dedicated to Tango in Sulcis Iglesiente. A summer event able to embrace the art in its many forms: from dance to cinema, poetry, following a common thread, Tango, from tradition to its most contemporary evolutions, that sound like jazz.

Born in 2010, since its first edition, it boasts the participation of some great masters of the tango world, both in music and dance, to name a few: great musicians as Victor Hugo Villena, Juanjo Mosalini, Contramilonga Quartet, and also dancers as Chicho Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda; Joe Corbata & Lucila Cionci; Eloy Souto & Laura Elizondo. Natural locations of the important exhibition, are the municipalities of Iglesias and Calasetta.

The artistic program of ARTango & jazz Festival is loved for its popular vein and magical atmospheres created by fusion and combinations of sounds, creativity, contamination and typically jazz improvisation, which features each event. The festival grows year by year and attracts an ever larger audience that exceeds the regional boundaries.