Art direction


Art direction

Fabio Furia, a world-class concert performer, composer and arranger, is considered to be one the best bandoneonists in Europe.

Thanks to his intense concert activity, he performed in the most important concert halls the world over, including Dvorak Hall of Rudolfinum in Prague, the Bozar Theatre in Brussels, Cagliari’s Opera House, the Onassis Cultural Center in Athens, and the Großer Saal in Klagenfürt.

Highly regarded internationally, his talent is known to many Italian and foreign music festivals and institutions, including Lubjana Festival, Emilia Romagna Festival, Nancy Festival, “Maggio dei Monumenti” Festival (Naples), “Nei Suoni dei Luoghi” Festival, “Spaziomusica” Festival, “Settimane musicali bresciane” Festival, “Gubbio Summer Festival”, “Floraison Musicales” Festival and “Recontres musicales en Lorraine” Festival.
He collaborated with prestigious musicians and ensembles, such as: Anna Tifu, Antony Pay, Michel Michalakakos, Franco Maggio Ormezowski, Anne Gastinel, Stefano Pagliani, Jean Ferrandis, Roberto Cappello, Solisti della Scala, Turner String Quartett, Kodàly String Quartett, Budapest String Orchestra, Daniel Binelli, Juan Jose Mosalini, Juanjo Mosalini, Hugues Leclere, Victor Hugo Villena, Hiba al Kawas, Salzburg Chamber Soloists, the Kiev Symphony Orchestra, the Baden Baden Symphony Orchestra, Kso Kärtner Sinfonieorchester, the Archimede Quartet, the Wanderer Trio, the Pepicelli Duo.
He performed as a soloist in Italy, Canada, Mexico, Croatia, Check Republic, Germany, France, Slovenia, Macedonia, Lithuania, Austria, Spain, Japan, Korea, Greece, Lebanon, and the United States.


He started studying piano and classical accordion at the age of 7, first as self-taught and then under the guidance of teacher Eliana Zajec in Trieste. However he owes a large part of his musical formation to Prof. Corrado Rojac, who for some years in adolescence, gives him instrumental lessons, harmony and counterpoint. Subsequently, at the age of 16, he studied the clarinet at the Cagliari Music Academy. He then graduated with honours in only four years, under the supervision of Maestro Roberto Gander.
Si è perfezionato con alcuni tra i migliori clarinettisti del mondo tra i quali Antony Pay, Alessandro Carbonare e Wenzel Fuchs.

He studied further with some of the best clarinetists in the world, including Antony Pay, Alessandro Carbonare, and Wenzel Fuchs.
In parallel with the clarinet’s concert career, he undertook the study of unisonoro bandoneon self-taught. Then he decided to approach the bisonoro system, graduating brilliantly at the Paris Gennevilliers conservatory under the guidance of Maestro Juanjo Mosalini. He specialized with some of the best bandoneonists in the world such as, Juan Jose Mosalini, Daniel Binelli, Juanjo Mosalini, Victor Villena.

He is the founder and artistic director of two Cultural Associations, “Anton Stadler” and “ContraMilonga”. Also, he is the creator of important music seasons such as the “International Chamber Music Festival”, which this year marks its XXI edition, ARTango & Jazz Festival, the “Bandoneon International Masterclass”, event able to attract young musicians from all over Europe and “Liberevento” an important literary festival of which he is the artistic director for the part of the events music.

A highly regarded music and arts consultant, Furia is also an event manager capable of supporting organisations, associations and foundations in programming events, as well as cultural and entertainment activities.
He also teaches and organizes both instrument and ensemble music classes and masterclasses for public and private institutions. He founded the Italian Bandoneon Academy with which he organizes masterclasses and concerts with the most important soloists in the world.

Since 2014, he teaches a Bandoneon course at the “P. Da Palestrina” conservatory of Cagliari, first and only in Italy, thanks to which, since June 2018, the MIUR has approved the three-year degree course in Bandoneon.
He collaborates with the Bandoneon class of Prof. Yvonne Hahn of the Conservatory of Avignon with whom he has activated a didactic project that has alternate offices in the two conservatories of Cagliari and Avignon.
His discography includes “ContraMilonga” (2010), “Fabio Furia in concert” (KNS Classical – 2013), Novafonic Quartet (KNS Classical – 2015).

He plays a bandoneon 142 from the German factory Alfred Arnold Bandonion and Concertinafabrik Klingenthal, of which he is a collaborator and endorser. He also owns and plays a beautiful old bandoneon Alfred Arnold “complete nacarado” of 1937, one of the very few exemplary preserved in perfect condition and totally original.