Mini Festival for schools



The Mini Festival for schools is born in order to promote and support a true musical culture as an indispensable asset in the formation of the person. An important path of cultural growth aimed at creating a cultured public, endowed with a critical spirit and able to recognize the quality of the countless musical proposals to which we are subjected every day, even unconsciously, widening the range of our musical knowledge and thus becoming able to make more conscious and targeted choices, rather than passively pass them on.

The initiative is dedicated to students of primary and secondary schools and is divided into ongoing events throughout the year. Each meeting is structured as a lesson-concert in which children, besides listening, become an active part.



Teatro Electra, Iglesias, h 10 am


Monday 12th December “SENTIRE SENTIRSI

Veronica Maccioni and Ottavio Farci

A moment of exploration of the art of listening. Let notes and feelings settle together with your emotions, “set your feelings to music” also through a simple path that gradually consolidates and refines a perhaps hidden attitude. A path of “lived music”, which highlights the more or less complex tracks, paths and behaviors of human beings, to the point of reiterating the concept that every musical practice is an emotional practice 

Monday 19th December “PIERINO E IL LUPO”

Ensemble Kairos
Gabriele Barria, narrator – Giulia Lallai, flute – Lia Scalas, oboe – Paolo Pontillo, clarinet – Stefania Loddo, bassoon – Miriam Picciau, horn.

An original musical journey that, starting from the notes of the Hymn to Joy by L. van Beethoven, crosses some of the masterpieces of G. Rossini and G. Verdi that have contributed to making the Italian Opera famous all over the world. The journey continues among the fairy-tale sounds of S. Prokofiev, unique of its kind, in which the instruments literally become the characters of the narration, up to the surreal enchanted atmospheres of E. Grieg’s music.